April 6, 2019
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Please help support Montana City Trails & Trust

  2019 Mustang Gallop poster  

Mustang Gallop

The Montana City Trails and Trust seeks to plan, fund, construct and maintain, expand and connect pedestrian, bicycle and non-motorized recreational trails for the benefit of the Montana City Community and northern Jefferson County.  The corporation also seeks to identify opportunities for private interest and public interest to compliment one another and will work closely and cooperate with local governmental units and agencies to further these goals.

Join us at Montana City Trails and Trust, Inc. to provide safe walking and biking trails in Northern Jefferson County. We exist as a Volunteer Organization to promote healthy walking/biking, reduce childhood obesity in our school children and reduce our Carbon Footprint through less vehicular traffic in and around our neighborhoods. We need you as members, Board Members and Officers to carry on this worthy mission. Call or email us today to make a difference in your neighborhood and also our world.


Donors and Sponsors for the 2018 Mustang Gallop